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The Life and Times of A. Einstein

The year is 1934. Albert Einstein has fled Nazi Germany with his family and secretary, Ellen, and settled in Princeton, New Jersey.

It is his birthday, March 14th and a group of reporters has gathered in this living room to interview him. He is late. Mersky as Ellen, the proper and contained secretary, is stalling the reporters until he arrives. She fields questions, placates and humors them, while at the same time attempting to keep the chaotic household running smoothly: a hilarious and touching portrait of this Einstein loyalist and a humanizing look into the great thinker's life. 

"A tour-de-force for Mersky. She is truly marvelous."

 -Daily Variety

"EINSTEIN was simply brilliant...terribly 

funny with flawless timing and hilarious delivery... A true comic masterpiece. "

-Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights

A comedy about a day in the life of Einstein

as seen through the eyes of his secretary. 

"A delightful solo show. I had the eerie feeling Einstein was someone I just had the privilege of meeting."

-LA Weekly

Nuts 'n Chews

In this one hour and fifteen minute long comedic presentation of one-acts and monologues, we meet a panoply of off-beat characters and situations that give a new twist as to how we perceive our lives. All written by Kres Mersky!

"Mersky is a special talent with a wide range and plenty of charm. 14 of

the most delightful characters you'll meet in a single evening."   

                                                      - Los Angeles Times

"Characters spring to life through Mersky's consummate art."   - LA Reporter


Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.21.31 PM.png

In this startling presentation, we meet an Isadora near the end of her life: no longer dancing, but still struggling to raise money for her school of dance. Kres as Isadora brings brilliantly to life the great dancer's fascinating persona as she cajoles, beguiles, and stirs the audience to support her school. 

"A splendid performance... not to be missed."

-Los Angeles Magazine

"A stunning recreation of the flaming spirit of the early 20th Century iconoclast."

-San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle

"An inspiring evening." -Playgirl Magazine

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